TV technics plant Electron

       TV technics plant Electron since 1981 provides sky forces with systems of guidance for high-precision weapons. The basic activity is development and manufacturing of electronic command guidance control systems and television systems for special purposes. Plant continue be the only producer of similar systems at CIS.
       The enterprise produce products and offer services also at civil area. There are implemented modern technologies of design and installation of complex systems for video observation, systems of information protection.
Installed line for SMD montage allows assembling of electronics printed-circuit boards of any complexity. The new products are designed and implemented – dust collector for industry, verbal translator, secretary, etc.
       Galvanic production allows to carry out zinc, nickel, chrome, silver, palladium coatings on details from metals, cooper, aluminum and alloys. Among of plant`s partners are State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch, SJSHC Artem, Ministry of Defense enterprises, State Custom Bureau, State Tax Department.

  The quality system of ISO 9001:2008 implemented.