Assembling production

Assembling production сomplete with equipment (devices, stands) for serial manufacturing of radio-electronic products. There is also experience of mass production of electrotechnical parts (cables, connectors).
At presence there are free areas, which can be taken for any kind of serial production or mass production of small parts. Free refurbished areas (with painting, heating, pressed air, electricity, windows) are 2000 m2; free non-refurbished areas are 7000 m2.

      Testing center
of the assembling production complete with equipment:
1.    For climatic tests:
-    thermo pressure chamber (capacity 0.5 m3 – 100 m3)
-    humidity cameras.

Provide testing with:
-    temperature diapason: -60°С till +110°С
-    low pressure: 15-20 mm mercury column
-    humidity: 98% with temperature +40°С;
-    cyclicity;
-    hoarfrost – dew.
      Technological equipment for thermo- trainings of devices consists the heating room with automatic temperature regulation at diapason + 30°С до + 60°С.

2.    For mechanical tests:
vibration tables and stands – mechanical tests at mono frequency and at multi frequency.
impact stands
centrifuge (max 700 kg on arm)

      All equipment gets preventive maintenance, certificated for tests processing.

      Montage of radio-electronic devices (SMD/SMT montage, PCB montage)

     Automatic line for SMD montage consists:
-    mounter Mirae М200;
- automatic machine for screen (trafaret) printing HP 520 (Korea);
- 7-zone oven of convective melting TOLO;
Year or equipment lunching - 2009.

     Technological potential of SMD line:
-    PCB size  under 400х460 mm;
-    Component assembling capability – under 21000 per hour;
-    Ability to set components on both sides of PCB;
-    Diapason of assembled components:
           - chips from 0402;
           - microcircuit under 55х55 mm;
           - assembling precision: chips  ±25 mkm